We have a lot going on in Haiti! Please check out the work that we've done in the past, the work we are currently doing, and the plans we have for the future to learn more.
Past Projects
New School Building
Our school has purchased 50 hens from a US based vendor that have been a great success. The hens seem to love their surroundings and been producing 40-45 eggs per day since we received them over 1 year ago. The eggs are added to the daily Stop hunger Now meals  given to the children. We hope to expand our chicken program by adding an additional 50 hens in 2015.
This year we completed our new Cindy’s Kitchen, named after benefactor and Board Member Cindy Tice, used for the preparation of the school’s lunch program. The kitchen has counters, sinks, and soon new stoves for cooking of the meals. This is a big blessing because the meals were being cooked outdoors.
The Tent School: Beginnings
When we first visited Tremesse, the children were going to school each day under a makeshift tent made of sticks, leaky tarps and old rice bags sewn together. School had to stop whenever the rains came. Desperate to get even the most basic education for their children, the villagers found volunteers to teach the kids. Despite the lack of any school building or books, more and more children squeezed under the tent each day. For over four years, the School Committee had been searching for a partner that could help them. When we saw the Tent School, we couldn’t say no. At the beginning of 2009, we received a document from a friend of ours, Dr. Raymond Ford, who runs a medical clinic and a school in Haiti. Dr. Ford told us that it was written by a group of Haitians that had been passing it around for several years to anyone who would read it. Their proposal was a plea for help—help to educate the children of Tremesse, kids who otherwise sat around all day with empty bellies and minds eager to learn. After hearing about the conditions in Tremesse, we arranged a visit before even translating the document.
Tin Roof Temporary School
On Jan’s first visit to Tremesse, all she could promise was a little bit of hope. But over the next few months, as all of us made that same trip, we knew we had to do more. And so we did: we partnered with the Village Committee to help them educate their children. Over the next year we were able to find enough funding to purchase land, and then to put in a well— still the only source of clean water in the Tremesse. Next we put in a septic system and latrines for the future school to keep that well clean—vital in a country where water-borne diseases are a killer. And then, as funds starting running low, we put in a temporary school that at least had a solid roof that didn’t leak.
Just after that tin-roof structure was finished, we stood inside it in front of the children and promised them that concrete walls and real classrooms were next. As always, we didn’t know how we’d get the funds, but we were partners with the kids and the Committee, so we knew we had to find a way. A year later, and we had found enough funding to build six classrooms, which will be finished by the end of the summer. We still need books, and desks, and a thousand other things, but with a little faith and help from donors, we’ll get there.
New Solidarity School
This is the first phase of our school development program. We now have 6 single story classrooms that have 14 ft ceilings to reduce heat impact, steel reinforced cement block walls with fans, electric lights, and a new water well. We are trying to limit the class sizes to 25 students. We have also purchased land for a garden, chicken coop, and hopefully a future talapia farm.
Current Projects
Tremesse Chapel / Community Center
During the school dedication in 2010, the United Nations, local police, and local clergy asked the Hands For Haiti Board to consider funding a Chapel for the Tremesse Village. They believed the village needed a spiritual influence for the children and the adults. We looked at possible alternatives that would meet this goal and provide space for classrooms, lunchroom, and adult education in the evenings. We designed a 3,200 square foot multi-use building that is utilized for 4 classes, adult education, church services, and a hurricane evacuation center. The new building was completed in December 2014.
Future Projects
Drip Irrigation System
Hands for Haiti and Stop Hunger Now have join forces to provide a new food sustainability project in Tremesse. The project is a include 2 new solar powered wells, three 1,000 storage tanks and 2,500 linear feet of new technology drip irrigation. The system will provide water and nutrients to the crops in the fields near the school and will dramatically improve crop yields.

The irrigation system will use fish waste from our tilapia pond to fertilize the crops and the crop waste will feed the tilapia.

This is a test program that, if successful could be used in other locations in Haiti.
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