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Hands for Haiti is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit incorporated in the State of New Hampshire. Donations to Hands for Haiti are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our board members are all volunteers located in various cities throughout the United States.

Because we strive to make every dollar donated have a direct impact in Haiti, we pay no staff in the US and our board members annually cover all administrative costs.
Annual Report
December 2013 Dear Friends and Supporters,    

As we conclude 2013, we wanted to give our supporters, the people who make our efforts all possible, an update on the progress of our school.     

This year has been a very exciting period for our students at the Tremesse Solidarity School in Northern Haiti. We now have 235 students, 12 certified teachers, and have added 6th grade to our school. We now have pre K through 6th grade.   

As you know, Hands For Haiti is a nonprofit 501(3) c that has no overhead and in the United States is made up of people who volunteer their time. (The board pays for all their expenses and provides financial help for the school.) St Matthew Catholic Church Charlotte ,North Carolina and other wonderful donors support our operation in Haiti. Each member of our board travels several times per year to Haiti to maintain constant contact with our school and village.    

Our goal is to develop the future leaders in Haiti by having a school of excellence in Haiti. We try to provide a holistic approach to our students. We provide certified teachers in a safe environment, daily meals (even in the summer), annual medical and vision exams, and urgent clinic care for routine illnesses. For the Village of Tremesse, we provide clean drinking water, cholera awareness and prevention, and we have recently purchased land for chicken and crop production and soon we hope to have a tilapia pond.  We want to assist the village to be self-sufficient by raising their own food.     

Above: Steve Favory and Cindy Tice working at Tremesse  . 
Left: Chickens provide eggs for school lunches
Below: Land purchased this year for crops and proposed tilapia pond  

In addition, this year we constructed a new kitchen that the school uses to provide the daily Stop Hunger Now Meals. Our thanks to Cindy ( I don’t cook) Tice who provided the funds for our new kitchen ​​​ 

Since we are celebrating our 5th anniversary, we thought we should give you a list of the action items H4H and our friends have completed since 2008: 

purchased land for the school –  2008
Moved the children from a tarp classroom to a new  temporary Tiki building – 2008
completed construction of 6 new 500 feet classrooms- 2009
Provided classroom desks and boards for the classrooms- 2010
New web site for Hands For Haiti-2010
Provided new water wells for the school and Tremesse in 2009/ 2010/ 2011
Constructed a new latrine- 2010
Installed nes solar panels and power system for school- 2011
Purchased land for a new school garden 2012
Constructed a new kitchen- 2013
Purchased  new crop land 2013
12 certified teachers 2013
annual medical checkups for the students 2011-201
held cholera training and supplies for village 2011-2013
provide Stop Hunger Now meals 2011-2013
provided chicken coop and hens for egg production 2013
installed satellite for Internet access- 2012
provided laptops and  computer training 2012-2013  

A look ahead:  Our New Tremesse Chapel/ Community Center During the school dedication in 2010, the United Nations, local police, and local clergy asked the Hands For Haiti Board to consider funding a Chapel for the Tremesse Village. They believed the village needed a spiritual influence for the children and the adults. We looked at possible alternatives that would meet this goal and provide space for classrooms, lunchroom, and adult education in the evenings. We designed a 2,800 square feet multi-purpose building and were blessed with a donor who provided the funding.  Our contractor has begun construction and we expect to complete our new building in early April. New Web site      We are developing a new web site that we expect to launch in the 1st Quarter of 2014  The new site will be more interactive and will  include a new web cam that will allow you to view the classrooms and school grounds on your laptop.  Focus on Technology      We are also trying to leverage technology to make our students competitive on the world stage. Three years ago we were part of a laptop pilot project that gave us 25 XO laptops to teach our students computer basics. School books are expensive so we have purchased satellite Internet and are trying to convert to new technology. Our 25 X/O laptops are getting old so we would like to replace them with new Chromebooks that start about $199. If you are interested in this program, any number of Chromebooks would be wonderful.  ​​​​​  Our main focus remains on the education of our children and to develop their creative and leadership skills. We are also beginning English classes in the spring term.       If you or any member of your family would like to travel to Haiti and see the school, we would love to have you come. We normally have 3-4 trips per year that normally are 4-5 days in duration. Please let us know if we can assist you with this trip. Finally, we want to thank you all for your continued support and kindness to our students. It would not be possible without your help. Mark CreasserHands For Haiti
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