How To Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child yourself, for your whole family, or on behalf of a friend or family member.  Fill out the “Sponsorship Form” shown on the right and indicate the name of the child that you’d like to sponsor from the slideshow above.  We’ll send you more information on your child, and he or she will write you a letter personally several times each year.  If you are sponsoring a child on behalf of another, please enter his or her name in the “Sponsor’s Name” text box below and indicate their relationship to you (child, grandchild, friend, etc.) in the “Relationship” box.  The sponsored child will address their letter directly to this person.

Children Helping Children

Sponsoring on behalf of a child or grandchild will help instill in them an appreciation of their abundances and help give them a better understanding of the life of a child in a developing country. Let them feel the pride of giving and helping those less fortunate. Help spread humanitarian efforts from generation to generation.  Include your child or grandchild’s name(s) on the sponsorship form and let this be the beginning of your dialogue about helping others.  In years to come they will thank you for this gift.

Sponsor A Child

Hands for Haiti will have 230 children in school for the 2011-2012 school year: Eight (8) classes from pre-K through 5th grade. For each one of our kids we’ll need to provide textbooks, school supplies, meals and medical exams, in addition to paying our teachers’ salaries.Meeting our monthly costs is our most difficult challenge. Serving just one meal each day for our kids means that we’re providing nearly 7000 meals per month— a daunting task, yet vital when you consider that for many of our children, the meal they receive at school is their only meal of the day.Sponsor a child by donating $37 a month and we’ll use those funds to help feed and educate our kids, providing textbooks, meals and everything else they’ll need to give them the best education possible. Include the name of child you’d like to sponsor in the donation form, and he or she will send you two or three letters each year. Your sponsorship will help change lives, and as with any donation to us, every dollar you give will go directly to Haiti to help our kids. All administrative costs are covered annually by our board members.

Other Ways To Donate

Why stop at just sponsoring a child? Hands For Haiti has additional ways you can donate to the lives of the children of Tremesse. For a complete listing of the donation options, click here to go to the Donate page.

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Donation Programs

Donation Programs

Program One:  Build a Classroom

Build a classroom for our school. Each class is 25 Ft by 20 Ft (500 SQ FT) and has a 14 FT apex ceiling, lights, fans, and electrical outlets. Your chosen name will be listed on the school room entrance. Total Cost: $9,500

Program Two: Teacher's Salary

Provide a teacher’s salary for one month. Each teacher will send you an update on their class progress and goals. $100 per month

Program Three: Meals For A Class

Feed a class of 40 students for one month. Imagine being able to feed an entire classroom of children for only 17¢ per child per day. $200 per month

Program Four: A Child's Schoolbooks

Purchase school books for one (1) child for one year. Yes, for as little as 21¢ per day a Tremesse child can have school books for an entire year. $76 per year

Program Five: Garden Seeds

Provide seeds for our garden for one (1) season. Our goal is to be more self- sustaining by teaching our students how to farm. $100 per year

Program Six: Chicks and Food

Provide 200 chicks and food for 3 months. These chicks will develop and produce eggs for the children in six (6) months and a constant source of protein. Total Cost: $450

Program Seven: Specific Needs Items

Occasionally, Hands for Haiti will announce a need for urgent or specific items. New Acre laptops to replace our 4 year old previously used laptops $299

Program Eight: General Donations

If you are interested in donating to Hands For Haiti and prefer it go the general funds area, we welcome your donation. This donation area also allows you to donate a different amount from ones specified in Programs 1-7
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