What Do We Do?

Education | Nutrition | Basic Health Care | Clean Water

In 2009, over 90% of the children in the Tremesse area had been unable to finish even primary school.  Many of the families could not afford a single meal each day for themselves and their children, and the village had no wells or ready access to clean water.

Hands for Haiti continues to break the cycle of poverty in Tremesse by providing education, nutrition, and basic health care for the children and clean water for the village in a faith based environment. Hands for Haiti is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit that has provided these services by building and operating St Mark’s School in the village.  

Our organization helps educate over 200 children from pre-school thru the 9th grade.  We have a staff of 24 teachers, a principal and administrator, and a staff of 16.

Hands for Haiti provides each child a nutritious lunch year round, and from our newer tilapia pond and chicken coop we are able to offer minimal meal support to their families as well.

Basic Healthcare
Because of our nutrition efforts, the children are remarkably healthier than before.  In partnership with a local clinic, basic health care is provided.

Clean Water/Sanitation
By constructing four wells and two sets of toilets, the school and the villagers now have ready access to clean water.

Our dream is to provide these children with the tools to enter trade school or University and lift up the entire Tremessee area.

Meet Our Team
Board Members:

Tom Bourgeois
Steve Gebhardt
Steve Favory
Jeff Hynes
Joe Becker
Cindy Tice
Ally Favory
Tim Hynes
Ernest Dwight

Tremesse, Haiti

Tremesse is not as much a village as it is a catchment area on the side of a mountain, a bumpy hour outside of Cap Haiten, Haiti’s northern capital. It is estimated that between 4000-5000 people live in this lush, humid corner of Haiti. There is no village center, pathways lead off into the jungle at every angle. There is no pavement in Tremesse, no electricity, no plumbing, no stores and until recently no real school. For anyone who has never visited a place like Haiti, it’s almost impossible to understand how difficult life is.

School Grounds

Our children eating Stop Hunger Now Meals for lunch in
community center
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